Production of Season 2 Begins

Written by Rose Brazeale   // August 19, 2013

Bryan Fuller, Executive Produer, Hannibal

Production of Hannibal Season 2 Begins


Bryan Fuller has announced on his Twitter account that the production of NBC Hannibal‘s season 2 starts today, August 19th! Or at least it’s the first day back in the Hannibal production offices.


We were already aware that they had the first three episodes written or were in the process of writing the first three episodes of Hannibal back when Bryan Fuller, Hugh Dancy, David Slade, and Martha De Laurentiis attended San Diego Comic Con International. Bryan Fuller was very generous with telling us that the first two episodes of the season will be a two-parter and that the third episode will depict Will on trial.


Recently, we were told the name of Will’s lawyer. One can assume that he will appear in 2×03. Really the only details we have of him are his name and why he is interested in Will Graham‘s case. More can be read here: Will Graham‘s Lawyer Has a Name. We also know the title of the first episode. More can be read about the meaning behind the title here: Hannibal 2×01 Title Revealed.


More details will trickle its way out of the writer’s room and the filming set. Filming is expected to begin September 10th. The DVD and Blu-ray for season 1 comes out September 24th. Details about the DVD release can be found here: Estimated Price for Season 1 DVD.


Other expectations for season 2 are that Hannibal’s uncle and his Japanese wife will appear, Frederick Chilton will be alive and have his position at the mental hospital back, Abel Gideon will still be alive and not very happy, and the mental hospital will have an intern named Barney. Oh, and Hannibal Lecter will continue to trick the FBI into thinking he is not the Chesapeake Ripper but that Will Graham will come out swinging and won’t rest until he has exposed Hannibal.


We are still waiting to hear from David Bowie on whether he will or won’t be Hannibal’s uncle. No word about the casting of Lady Murasaki or Barney has been given. The characters of Mason and Margot Verger also will appear in the series at some point, and there has been equal lack of discussion of who could fill their roles.


Production of Hannibal Season 2 Begins

Bryan Fuller, Executive Produer, Hannibal



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