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A look back at the Numalis trade show tour

19 octobre 2022
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Between the end of September and the beginning of October, Numalis attended a series of trade shows and business meetings. Let’s have a look at the feedbacks.
Multiplying its representations in the AI sector, Numalis has participated in: Big Data AI Paris, French Days of Radiology, and World Summit AI Amsterdam.
  • is an international exhibition on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence topics. It brings together key players in the field, including the main data platform companies. As an exhibitor, Numalis had again interesting contacts, discussing AI validation issues with about 60 companies and training institutions.
  • is an exhibition for French medical experts in the field of radiology. Numalis was invited to visit the show and was amazed by the level of maturity in the field of AI. By meeting 20 companies of AI specialized in the medical fields, Numalis was pleased with very qualified discussions and hopes for many spin-offs in the weeks to come, allowing to accelerate its insertion into the medical market.
  • is an international AI event, taking place in different key cities all around the world. The exhibition is the venue for numerous conferences given by leading experts in the AI sector from all over the world. The B2B meeting sessions were very relevant and Numalis was able to meet about 20 people, mainly CEOs and CTOs of companies with very interesting profiles for the company. Looking forward follow ups!
In brief, exhibitions are always important for Numalis, as the benefits are significant and it remains a pleasure to be on the ground to exchange directly.


We are a French innovative software editor company providing tools and services to make your neural networks reliable and explainable.

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