New Season 2 Details

Written by Rose Brazeale   // January 17, 2014

Mads Mikkelsen, Hannibal Lecter, Hannibal

New Hannibal Season 2 Details


Entertainment Weekly has published an article featuring five things to look forward to for Hannibal season 2. Some of them we already knew. Some of them we didn’t. Below are the tidbits that we didn’t know or didn’t know for sure until now.


Hannibal Becomes Dexter?

With Graham in prison, now the FBI is relying on Hannibal even more to help solve crimes, so we’ll get plenty of scenes of the serial killer working to catch other serial killers. “Hannibal becomes the new Will Graham in many ways,” Fuller teases. “There’s a lot of fun seeing him interact with the FBI.”


So Hannibal apparently is (temporarily?) given Will’s job while Will is in prison. This places Hannibal in a Dexter-esque role for this season. It’ll be interesting to see how Hannibal plays this out differently from the other serial killer hunting serial killers.


Magic Realism Will Stay, But Be More Clear

Hannibal‘s haunting surreal imagery is a signature of the show and will continue. But with Graham no longer ill, he’s a more reliable narrator, which helps ground the storytelling a bit more.


This means that the dream sequences and hallucinations will be easier to tell apart. This will probably will be due to the dream sequences being restricted to being inside Will’s mind palace.


The Opening Scene of Hannibal 2×01 Kaiseki

Though I suspect it will be widely reported before airing (Hannibal‘s TCA press tour day is Sunday, where it will probably come up), I can’t bring myself to reveal this. I’ll just say it’s the best scene the show has done to date.


How dare they tease us like this!


Mason and Margot Verger Definitely in Season 2

Fans of the books know the story of Hannibal’s tragically doomed wealthy patient and his sister from the Hannibal novel. They will be introduced later this season and have not yet been cast. Yet another major character from the canon, Francis Dolarhyde from Red Dragon, will likely not come into play until season 3.


As you know from Bryan Fuller’s clarification about the TV Line rumor, Margot Verger will still be a lesbian and thus not in a sexual relationship with Will Graham. However, that does not exclude a strong emotional relationship between Will and Margot. But one wonders if that would mean that Barney wouldn’t be included or if it could be a subtle running gag that everyone falls for the lesbian. Only time will tell!


Then there’s the fact that Mason Verger and Hannibal Lecter will eventually have a confrontation that will horribly scar Mason. We’ll get to experience Mason being a horrible person as well. Yay!



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