Lee Pace for Hannibal? No One Is Sure

Written by Rose Brazeale   // August 4, 2014

Lee Pace, Aaron Tyler, WonderfallsLee Pace for Hannibal? No One Is Sure


At San Diego Comic Con 2014, Lee Pace talked to TV Line about the possibility of him being in Hannibal. Apparently Pace and Bryan Fuller have been having talks over lunch very recently about the logistics of Pace being on Hannibal, but Pace has a leading role on the TV show Halt and Catch Fire. His role in The Hobbit and Guardians of the Galaxy are no longer an obstacle, but if Halt and Catch Fire gets a second season, then Lee Pace can’t do it.


If Lee Pace was cast in Hannibal for season 3, one wonders what role he would have. He has been fan-cast in Hannibal graphics as Francis Dolarhyde, but he could potentially be the French detective or the Vergers’ doctor or any of the serial-killer-of-the-week characters. How cool would it be if Pace made an appearance as a necrophiliac that paid homage to his role as Ned on Pushing Daises? They did a similar thing with Georgia Madchen; Ellen Muth played Georgia Lass on Dead Like Me, a woman who died and became a reaper.


If Pace was Dolarhyde, the role could even pay homage to his role on Wonderfalls as Aaron Tyler, considering the religious roots Dolarhyde has in his imagery and serial killings and Aaron Tyler being a religious studies major.


Many possibilities that may never come to fruition.


TV Line Lee Pace Interview SDCC 2014



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