Hannibal and Will to Kiss in Season 2?

Written by Rose Brazeale   // August 16, 2013

Mads Mikkelsen, Hugh Dancy

Hannibal and Will to Kiss in Season 2?


E! Online has shared a video of their interviews with Hugh Dancy and Bryan Fuller at Comic Con 2013. And one of their questions was whether or not Hannibal would kiss at some point in the next season. Bryan Fuller‘s answer was . . . non-committal. But Bryan Fuller is aware that many of us would love to see Hannibal and Will make out. So at least there is that.


At Comic Con, Bryan Fuller has said that romantic love needs not to be sexual. Mads Mikkelsen has also gone on the record as saying that Hannibal does love Will in his own way. So while a make-out session may or may not be on the way, it is canon in NBC Hannibal that Hannibal Lecter is in love with Will. Hannibal has a very non-conventional, abusive way of showing his affection for Will. It was the same with Abigail Hobbs, but with less romantic intentions and more familial.


Other spoilers discussed in the video have been covered in other posts on the fansite, but they deserve reiteration.


Hugh Dancy on Will and Hannibal’s Relationship

There’s a connection of some sort and Hannibal is certainly not stopping being interested in Will. I think he’s still just as interested as he was and clearly Will now has a powerful interest in Hannibal, albeit of a different type.


Will Graham will be more resourceful and strong as ever, though the cards are stacked against him. Season 2 will pick up right where season 1 left off, give or take a few months to provide medical recovery for Frederick Chilton. Abel Gideon is alive. Frederick Chilton is alive. Abigail Hobbs is as dead as Miriam Lass is. Will Graham is held prisoner in a mental institution. Hannibal Lecter is free in the world. Jack Crawford trusts Hannibal and believes Will to be a murderer. Alana Bloom is looking after Will’s dogs and is heartbroken by the events at the end of last season.


Hettiene Park has made comments in interviews that indicate that her character, Beverly Katz, does know what the evidence shows her but that she would not say without a doubt that Will Graham killed Abigail Hobbs. This gives some hope to the idea that perhaps Beverly could also be a potential love interest for Will Graham, along with Alana and Hannibal. Either way, Beverly is a fascinating character, and it would be interesting to see more of her.


Another lovely Asian lady character should be appearing in season 2, though an official statement on this has not been issued. Bryan Fuller does have the rights to Lady Murasaki, but there has been no casting of the character and no further comments outside of the owning of the rights. Her husband, Hannibal’s uncle, will be in season 2. David Bowie has been approached and asked if he would accept the role of Hannibal’s uncle. He has not responded yet.


Bryan Fuller has also said that Barney will be appearing in season 2. Barney is an intern at the mental hospital Will Graham is locked up in.


It is unknown whether or not Abel Gideon will be re-locked up in the same mental hospital as Will Graham, put under the care of Frederick Chilton once again. Surely they wouldn’t put the serial killer with the same doctor he had before? The very doctor he tried to kill?


Bryan Fuller on Hannibal and Will in Season 2

It’s about Will and Hannibal finding a new dynamic between them and those characters exploring the loss of the friendship. If the first season was the bromance, the second season is the nasty breakup!



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